Eight legged lamb shocks Nakuru residents


NAKURU, KENYA: Nakuru’s London residents witnessed a rare incident after a sheep delivered a deformed lamb with eight legs.

The eight legged lamb had a single but undeveloped head with other vital organs of the body.

Samuel Maranga, a local veterinary technician said the lamb has fully developed vital body organs and other physical parts apart from the head.  

“The fertilized ovum did not fully divide during cellular division process to form identical twin lambs but the sheep had normal gestation period of six months,” said Maranga, who is also the farm manager at Nakuru G.K prisons.

He said the abnormal deliveries are becoming common among the mammal species including human beings giving the example of the Siamese twins.

The sheep is said to have developed complications during delivery forcing the owner, Miriam Nyokabi, to seek assistance for the sheep from the local veterinary technician.

Maranga said they have taken out specimens for further analysis on the deformed lamb.