Luhya elders furious at Frank Shebesh

By The Nairobian Reporter

Nairobi, Kenya: Luhya elders are allegedly angry at the Shebesh couple.

The Luhya Council of Elders have summoned Frank Shebesh, the husband of Nairobi women’s representative Rachel.

Frank was ordered to appear before the elders this weekend to answer charges of failing to manage his household.

Frank has three children with Rachel Shebesh.

The elders, our source said, are not happy with the free hand Frank has given his wife and they now accuse him of embarrassing “the entire male Luhya population”.

Earlier this month, Frank said he is ready to forgive Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero for allegedly slapping his wife on condition that he apologises.

“If he is man enough to apologise to me personally, then I will accept the apology. We are civilised and we believe in the rule of the law. We will exhaust all our options,” he said.

Frank, who said he has never beaten his wife, said Kidero’s move to report the matter to the police was “an act of impunity and a deceptive ploy meant to hoodwink  law enforcement agencies.”

Frank said when he received the news on his mobile phone, he felt he should have been there to defend his wife.

“My first thoughts were that I wish I was there. I felt that it was very unfortunate that I was not there… to protect her defenceless soul from that barbaric act,” he said.

In an earlier interview with the The Standard, Rachel said: “My husband has given me all the support in my political career to the extent of campaigning with me during the last elections.”

She rubbished rumours that their marriage is on the rocks.

“Those are rumours that come with politics and women should get used to them. People will say anything to discredit a woman aspiring for leadership,” she said.

We could not reach Frank for comment despite many attempts to contact him on phone.