Puzzle of missing airhostess as childhood friend tells of last meal

"She invited me to meet her in Malindi on arrival from Qatar. She was not in her right mood though. We had a meal together and she gave me a gift but her father joined us before she could tell me why she wanted to meet me," said the woman who requested not to be named.

Anjete was her family's breadwinner and was to stay in Kenya for four days before returning to Doha. Her friend said she has been receiving calls from friends in Qatar inquiring about her whereabouts.

She said that she later learnt that the air hostess' eight-year-old son who used to live with his grandparents was one of two children who died at Shakahola.

"I learnt later that her son, Jason Elisha, had starved to death in Shakahola. I do not understand why she did not talk about it when we met," she said.

The woman said she and Anjete were friends since their school days when they lived in Likoni, Mombasa.

She disclosed that Anjete's family are long-time followers of the Good News International Church, and that they abandoned their house in Bububu area in Likoni and built a new home within Shakahola Forest near Makenzi's property.

"After meeting my friend, she would not answer my calls and at one time her father, who is known to me, answered on her behalf. I met the father on April 14 in a ferry in Likoni but he told me my friend went back to Qatar," she said.

The woman believes Anjete is still alive and called on the police to comb the preacher's vast farm to rescue her.

She said that her friend's brother-in-law, Abbas Ntunde, inspected the bodies that have so far been recovered by the police and he did not identify that of the air hostess.