Shakahola massacre: Police arrest man believed to be Pastor Mackenzie's aide

Pastor Zablon wa Yesu, believed to be Mackenzie's co-mastermind arrested in Malindi. [Marion Kithi, Standard]

Police in Malindi are holding a man suspected to be a co-mastermind, and one of the top leaders of the cult led by Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

The man who identified himself as Pastor Zablon wa Yesu was found reading a Bible on Monday.

Zablon said he was not fasting because he needed the energy to perform "god's work."

According to intel The Standard gathered, Zablon was one of the people who aided the burial of the victims.

Police are still investigating his involvement with the mass killings.

On Monday, April 24, authorities exhumed twenty-six (26) bodies, raising the death toll to 73 in the Shakahola forest massacre linked to controversial Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

Seven of the bodies were in one grave.

More people are still isolated in the Shakahola forest.

Police have also confirmed the death of the air hostess who left her job, sold land, and joined Mackenzie.

"We found a body resembling the air hostess yesterday though we are yet to do a postmortem," police said.

As gorier details of the faithful who starved to death emerged, President William Ruto termed Mackenzie's teachings an act of terrorism and said he belongs to jail.