Police in Kisumu nab two suspects behind brazen theft of Sh297,000

The suspects are being held at Kondele Police station. [iStockphoto]

Police are holding two suspects who have been on the run after stealing Sh297,000 in Mombasa.

According to Kisumu central OCPD Antony Maina, the two suspects who have been on the police radar since the beginning of this year were rounded up on Saturday in Kaloleni estate in Kisumu where they have been hiding.

The suspects are being held at Kondele Police station and they will be transferred to Mombasa to be charged for the crimes according to the OCPD.

"The crimes were reported in Mombasa. So, in partnership with our detectives here, we arrested them in Kaloleni estate in Kisumu. They are youths from here. They were born and brought up here but they go to Mombasa to commit crimes then they sneak back," Maina Said

According to the police, the two suspects identified as Saleh Omar and Omari Ahmed were reported to have snatched a bag from a man.

The bag had a mobile phone and other documents. They then used the critical documents in the bag to withdraw the Sh297 000 before they fled back to Kisumu's Kaloleni estate.

The OCPD appealed to residents of Kisumu to aid the efforts by the police to curb crimes in the city by reporting to the police any suspicious person in their neighborhood.

"I want to urge the residents of Kisumu to report to us anyone in their midlist who appears to be suspicious. Especially people who are living very large lives but they have no known source of income," Maina said.