Mututho explains why banning alcohol might lead to more deaths

Former NACADA Chairman John Mututho on Wednesday opined that banning alcohol consumption in the country may lead to more deaths.

This is after word went round that the government is contemplating banning the consumption of alcohol in public places to contain the spread of Covid-19.

The former Naivasha legislator argued that some addicts might lose their lives if they stop taking alcohol without a proper plan.

Mututho acknowledged that alcohol has destroyed many families but the proposal to ban the consumption of alcohol in public places might cause more harm than good.

“It is a fact that liquor has killed many and destroyed families, but the current proposal to ban its sale will lead to high mortality among the addicts,” Mututho warned.

Adding that the move might also dent NACADA’s efforts to fight consumption of illicit brew.

“How will you control them (addicts)? By way of gazette notice?” he asked.

Public Health Director Dr Francis Kuria on Tuesday refused to be drawn into a notice on the ban on alcohol consumption in public.

The draft document had been widely shared on social media but Dr Kuria said it does not have a legal notice number.

“We cannot talk about a notice that has no legal notice number. It's a draft that should be under the office of the AG.

“Once it becomes a legal document then we can discuss it further,” he said.

The draft states that alcoholic drinks will not be sold to sit-in customers in restaurants and anyone who goes against that will have committed an offense.

It further states that any business establishment that sells alcohol shall operate between 9am and 7.30pm.

The draft also states that no one should consume any alcoholic drink in a public space.