When it comes to KOT its advisable to stick to your lane

It advisable to stick to your lane, as one tweep tried to tell another user. Well it turned out that actually that tweep wasn’t sticking on his lane. It started out as a simple football banter, saying that its expensive to watch Arsenal FC ‘loose’ by comparing it to Leicester. The ‘loose’ prompted a reply from a KOT member. The tweep, arrogant as he is decided to remind the KOT member that he is from England, the ‘home for English’ a mistake that ruined the tweeps twitter career, as the famous KOT picked it up and played around with it, coming up with hilarious tweets.

It didn’t take long for the tweep to deactivate the account.

Zawadi is hearing like blocking Africans. She is at the home for English. Mopao Mokonzi [email protected] 

Home for english Her:How much years Are you? Him:20 ages MAVOCAL ???? [email protected]_stephens

Thug: (pointing a gun) give me all or u'll be Chemistry! Me: Don't u mean History? Thug:don't change the subject am from Home for English Holy Grail ®™ [email protected] 

Home for English Teacher: You two look Alike... Are you Twice..? PeterFitah [email protected]  

Me: So he cooks for high school kids?"

Zawadi: Yes he's a cooker

Me: U mean a cook

Zawadi: No, a cooker, trust me I'm from home for English

ELVIS SIMON ???? [email protected] 

Home For English Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language. Ahmedkadar [email protected] 

"Home for English" Zawadi : i feel like drinking something . The inner Zawadi: but i just drinked bhang !!! juma Clive [email protected]_clive 

Mzungu: 'What is your name?' Zawadi: "Me called Zawadi." M: "Come again Please: Z: "I am Gift" "Home for English" Maccos [email protected]_kibaya