PMVA 2023: Pulse Music Video Awards set to dazzle Nairobi

The Pulse Music Video Awards (PMVAs) are back with a bang, and some of your favorite and talented artists are set to dazzle you.

The long-awaited gala, hosted by The Standard Group’s very own showbiz magazine, PULSE, is scheduled for February 21, 2024, at Nairobi Street Kitchen.

This prestigious event aims to award and recognize Kenyan artists who are single-handedly elevating Kenyan music to new heights. Music is evolving across generations, transitioning from traditional music to Benga, Kapuka, Gospel, Taarab, Reggae, Kenyan Hip hop, and Genge music. Now, we have Afropop, Afro-Fusion, Kenyan Rap (shrap), and Arbantone.

Our adept and skilful musicians are impacting the growth of the music industry, promoting cultural diversity, and becoming a great source of national entertainment through music videos.

The rise of the music industry has been significantly fueled by social media platforms, with many songs reaching a large audience through trending TikTok Challenges, X, Facebook, and Instagram.

The 9th edition nominees include:

Do you remember Aggie The Dance Queen in the coloured jumpsuit in 'Short and Sweet'? Well, she was nominated in the PMVAs in 2023 among other very talented nominees. The category for this lot is Best Video Vixen of the Year. They include:

  1. Aggie The Dance Queen (song: ‘Umeme’) - Willy Paul.
  2. Kate Thuku (song: ‘Nyako’) - Flava.
  3. Georgina Njenga (song: ‘Sweet Melody’) – Mr. Seed.
  4. Winnii (song: ‘Winnii’) - Alex Kasau Katombi.

In the Best Female Artist of the Year category, only giants stood in. They include:

  1. Bubbly Bubbly - Maandy.
  2. Ding Dong – Ssaru.
  3. Under the Influence - Femi One.
  4. Kesho - Bridget Blue.
  5. Raha - Aaliyah Stephanie.
  6. Saa hii kama leo - Veryl Mkali Wao.

In the Best Male Video of the Year, it is a tight competition between undisputed, great artists. They are namely:

  1. Weh Decide - Mejja.
  2. Full Armour - Hanta the Samurai.
  3. Angela – Boutross.
  4. Khadija - Ndovu ni Kuu.
  5. Herawa Ni - Prince Indah.
  6. Big Fat Cheque - Breeder Lw.

Everyone loves newbies. In this category for New Artist of the Year, they included:

  1. Mwaki - Zerb ft Sofiya Nzau.
  2. Nakudai - Sean MMG.
  3. Nyako - Viny Flava.
  4. Baba ni wewe tu – Princess Recho.
  5. Ivo Ivo - Young Pesa.
  6. Nitangoja – Kinoti.

Best Breakthrough Video of the Year:

  1. Mwaki - Zerb ft Sofiya Nzau.
  2. TikToker - Soundkraft.
  3. Rieng Genje (Kaveve Kazoze) - Spider Clan.
  4. Luku - Ebola Mkuu.
  5. Nangoja - Kinoti.

Best Group of the Year:

  1. Wakadinali - Sikutambui.
  2. Vijana Barubaru - Romantic Call.
  3. H_art the Band - Buss Down.
  4. Spider Clan - Rieng’ Genje (Kaveve Kazoze).
  5. Mbogi Genje - Za Mali.

Best Collaboration of the Year:

  1. Nimependa Remix – Guardian Angel ft Deus Derrick and Sammy G.
  2. Kaskie Vibaya - Farthermore ft Ssaru.
  3. TikToker - Soundkraft ft Gody Tenner and Kappy.
  4. Too Easy - Bien ft Dj Edu.
  5. Khadija (Sakata Rhumba) - Ndovu Kuu ft Vijana Barubaru.
  6. Mashallah – Nasha Travis ft Trio Mio.

Video Directors act as the chef in the whole operation. In this category of the Best Video Director of the Year nominees are:

  1. Maandy - Bubbly Bubbly (Link Junior).
  2. Bien ft Dj Edu - Too easy (Omoke).
  3. Wakadinali - Mcmca (ANTI VIRUS).
  4. Bahati ft Nadia Mukami - Baby You (Neezoh Montana).
  5. Femi One - Under the Influence (Steve Mugo).
  6. Sean MMG - Nakudai (Trey Juelz).

Dancing is a skill that complements music. In this category for the Best Choreography of the Year:

  1. Keroro Remix - Nonini Mgenge 2ru ft Mtemi.
  2. Umeme - Willy Paul.
  3. Anguka Nayo – Jabidii ft Moji Shortbaba, Didi Man, and Timeless Noel.
  4. Baba Ni Wewe tu - Princess Recho ft Reagan Sarkozy.
  5. Nowe Sweety - Bahati ft Joyce Wa Mamaa.
  6. Tena - Maandy ft Cedo.

Kenyan music plays a key role in promoting cultural diversity. The Best Vernacular Song of the Year nominees are:

  1. Gacuni - Jose Katutura ft Kamoko.
  2. Wendo Witu - Joyce wa Mamaa ft Samidoh.
  3. Juliet - Toby Bisengo.
  4. Herawa Ni - Prince Indah.
  5. Pkulel University - Kipsang’.
  6. Mwanookwa - Kamanu M’Tuamwari.

For a while now, the music industry fully appreciates the work of its DJs. For PMVAs, the category for the best DJ of the year had some top names namely:

  1. DJ Mohspice.
  2. DJ Gibbz tha Daqchild.
  3. DJ Lisney.
  4. DJ Grauchi.
  5. DJ 38K.
  6. Mr. C.

They are brilliant in their work and sure enough, do not disappoint. They have embraced social media too and shared their content on most streaming platforms like YouTube.

Talking of Social Media, we know and love influencers. This category includes the best TikToker of the year, and the nominees are:

  1. Ajib Gathoni.
  2. Kendi Christine.
  3. Flirty Carlos.
  4. Nasieku.
  5. Babushka Kenya.

By scrutinizing this list of brilliant nominees for Pulse Music and Video Awards, it is safe to say that 2023 was a year full of hits and pomp for the music industry. #PMVASGALAAWARDS will indeed be interesting and exquisite. Stay tuned for D-day when music history will be made.

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