Charlene Ruto and Daddy Owen raise eyebrows after event at musician's home

 Daddy Owen and Charlene Ruto at a basketball match. [Courtesy Meta]

The President’s daughter Charlene Ruto and musician Daddy Owen were trending on social media after romours that the two were dating.

It was reported that the gospel singer hosted Charlene at their home in Eshisiru village, Kakamega County, on Friday for an introduction ceremony.

The news quickly spread on social media and some people even congratulated the Vanity singer for the move.

The low-key affair was attended by Owen's family and a few celebrities, including Charlene's close friends. 

Sources said Charlene danced to Luhya's songs in a vibrant red dress while Owen was dressed in brown and black shirt, and a black hat.

When The Standard caught up with the musician, who was with his brother Rafton, he could not confirm or deny the speculations. 

“I cannot respond to the rumour mills on social media because it’s so sensitive," said Owen.

“Once in the village I do relax and I haven’t been on my phone because I am busy grazing cattle. You have just ambushed me today while I was roasting meat for my family because I am best at it."

Early this month, Charlene was the guest of honour during the Africa’s Campus Battle finals held at Nairobi Cinema, Nairobi. She arrived at the venue at around 9pm accompanied by Owen.

Dancing hip to hip

The two caused a stir as they were led to the front seat where they followed the event keenly. Looking jubilant, they danced to music and took selfies with fans. The two could be seen laughing as they gestured to each other.

At some point, the deejay played Joseph Shisia’s song Omunduomulosi, a common Luhya song with catchy beats that is usually played in almost every celebration (never mind it talks of a witch). As everyone in the auditorium went into a frenzy, the emcee asked the crowd to go down on their knees for a dance and there was Charlene and Owen on the ground, dancing hip to hip.

And as the fun went on, Charlene went to the emcee and asked him to allow Owen to perform, of which he did to her joy and that of the crowd. That is how close they were that night. They left together after the event.

Asked by The Standard if there was anything special going on between them then, Owen smiled and remained tight-lipped only saying “all you have seen is all there is, nothing more”.    

Two weeks on, in true Christmas spirit, the two appeared in public as they boarded matatus in Nairobi giving out shopping vouchers to passengers.

Charlene wore a buibui, hijab and shades to disguise herself. "Most people were going to work while others were going for different hustles. I am so excited. At first, I was seated with Daddy Owen but now I am going to sit at the back,” she said in one of the videos posted on social media.

In November, Owen and Charlene were pictured at a basketball match leading to speculation that they are an item.

However, in an interview with Milele FM, the singer said they were good friends and were working on several projects together.

Musician Daddy Owen and First Family daughter Charlene Ruto. [File, Standard]

“Aah hizi ndo gani? Bro unajua kuna zingine hufai kuongelea. Zingine ni noma bwana... Uko tusiende. Wewe ni brother yangu siwezi taka kukuweka kwa noma.

Ni job tu. Apart form being just friends kuna projects mingi tunafanya pamoja... Si lazima kila time mkiniona na mtu lazima awe mtu," he said.

Asked whether Charlene was taken, he said, “Unajua hiyo ni swali ngumu sana umeuliza. Siku hizi tuliamua kila mtu anajisemea mambo yake”.

In a different interview with Shaffie Weru earlier this year, Owen said he wishes he would have done some things differently as he reflected on his failed marriage.

He said getting married at the peak of his career was not the wisest decision, but said he was now in a better place mentally.

"I think I got married very late... I wish I got married before the fame. That way I would grow into fame.

"Getting married at the  peak of your career is a different story."

On his divorce and how he became a trending topic for days, the singer said he was surprised at how people were publishing falsehoods about him and his ex-wife, with little knowledge of the truth.

He promised to narrate what happened at a later date.

"Kenyans do not really know the real story but one day I will sit here and tell you exactly what happened," he said.

Owen has been keeping a low profile since his breakup with Farida Wambui in 2021, a story whose details first broke in 2020. The two had tied the knot in April 2016.

He has been supporting Charlene’s charity events for over a year now. He was a notable face when Charlene launched her foundation last year.     

Owen is set to release a new song on January 1.

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