Kenyans on Twitter react to Jubilee party primaries

The Jubilee party primaries that took place last week amid fisaco and drama did not miss the hawked eyes of Kenyans On Twitter(KOT).

Using the trending hashtags #JubileePrimaries, and #JubileeNominations and #JubileeEliminations, KOT took humour to the next level by ridiculing the party's primaries that were marred with violence, fist fight among other irregularities.

Later, another hashtag #ThankYouTuju was created, which was used to ridicule Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju for conducting "free, fair, credible and peaceful" elections.

According to Leon Lidigu, the party would have invested in establishing a portal for voting using smartcards, referring to the recent launch of developement delivery portal.

@LeonLidigu 37m37 tweeted: Maybe Jubilee would have created a portal for #JubileePrimaries where their members vote and allowed them to use smartcards @BelAkinyii.

To Jidraff Gathura, the primaries were about eliminations, abductions and selections and not nominations, referring to the recent disappearances of Jubilee aspirants.

@gathura_jidraff tweetd: JUBILEE conducting ELIMINATIONS, ABDUCTION & SELECTIONS instead of NOMINATIONS #JubileePrimaries #JubileeEliminations .

@nyandiga001 tweeted: Another Jubilee aspirant has gone missing. By Friday they might all be missing #JubileePrimaries.

Kenya West did not hesitate to blame Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju for bragging earlier that Jubilee Party primaries will be free, fair and peaceful.

@KinyanBoy tweeted: Party nominations are generally challenging, Tuju exuded confidence & laughed off ODM early forgetting to soap his hair #JubileePrimaries.

To Lord Silvance,Tuju should not have been given the job.

@iam_abeta tweeted: How did these guys trust Raphael Tuju with #JubileePrimaries when he couldn't even satisfy his wife in bed awuoro #ThankYouTuju.

Dominic Neto seeing ballot papers being burned suggested Jubilee should use fireproof ballot papers.

@DomnicNeto posted: #ThankYouTuju next time jubee(sic) and Tuju should use fire proof ballot papers.

Dikembe Disembe used the ballot burning picture to ask Jubilee to reduce cost of commodities.

@Disembe tweeted: Residents can afford a matchbox, testament to Jubilee reducing cost of commodities #ThankYouTuju.

Daniel Ngetich‏ @danchemologo 42m42 tweeted: "Jubilee will conduct free, fair and credible nominations" ~ Chinese proverb. #JubileePrimaries #JubileeNominations #JubileeEliminations.

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