Residents live in fear as gangs return to terrorise Nakuru City

Juvenal Bucumi was attacked by members of Confirm Gang, in Bondeni, Nakuru on Monday. [Kennedy Gachuhi, Standard]

Nakuru residents have raised concerns over the return of outlawed gang ‘Confirm’ that has been terrorising people in informal settlements.

A police crackdown on the gang last year saw it split into several groups. The swoop destabilised the group’s bases in Bondeni and Kivumbini in Nakuru East.

In the past month, the gang has been regrouping and reigning terror on residents, the latest victim being a Rwandan who sells coffee and snacks in the lakeside city.

Mr Juvenal Bucumi was waylaid by the gang as he left Bondeni slums for town for his usual coffee business.

“I had just collected snacks at a local bakery. As I walked towards town, two young men stopped me. They started raining kicks and blows on me. I thought they were robbers,” said Mr Bucumi.

As he lay on the ground helpless, Bucumi said that one of the youth grabbed his flask and poured the coffee on his chest.

“I cried in pain calling for help. The bakery proprietor came to my rescue. He ordered them to leave me and they fled. But they vowed that they would be back for me and my friends,” he said.

He explained that the businessman helped him get to Bondeni Police Station where they reported the matter.

“The police recorded our statements and allowed me to go to hospital. The hot coffee had scalded my chest,” said Mr Bucumi.

Mr Bucumi’s friend Nshimiyumeremyi Placide who arrived after the attack said the Rwandan community had received threats.

Hakizimana Eziel with a bandaged head during an interview at his house in Bondeni, Nakuru on May 9, 2022. [Kennedy Gachuhi, Standard].

“Witnesses identified the suspects who had returned to the scene. When their identity was exposed they called in other gang members who turned up with knives,” said Placide.

He added that the gang had declared war on the Rwandan community living in the area, but did not specify the reason.

“I was stabbed in the hand while my friends sustained stab wounds in the thighs and back. The local community called the police to rescue us,” he said.

The victims received treatment at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital and were discharged hours later.

The gang returned in the night and warned neighbours against helping the Rwandans.

“Just before we could go to bed, we heard a knock on the door. They ordered us to open but we declined. They broke into the house and stabbed three others before making away with our mobile phones and destroyed our documents,” said Placide.

He said swift police response was the reason they were still alive.

Mr Hassan Mwaura, an elder, called on the police to intensify patrols.

“There is a danger of the gang coming back. Some of the splinter groups have recently been at war with each other, killing some members,” said Mr Mwaura.

Nakuru East Sub County Police Commander Elena Kabukuru confirmed the attacks.

“We have arrested two suspects. We are also increasing surveillance in the area,” said Kabukuru.

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