Detective launch probe into suspected suicide by a county staff

Detectives in Turkana are investigating an incident where a county staff shot himself dead in a suspected suicide.

County Directorate of Criminal Investigation Peter Kimulwo said Paul Elimlim, 30, allegedly shot himself with an AK 47 rifle at Kekongo in Lowarengak, Turkana North.

Mr Kimulwo said they are yet to establish the motive for the alleged suicide, adding that they have launched an investigation.

“Our officers from Turkana North visited the scene and recovered the firearm that seemed to be illegal. One spent cartridge was recovered. We have taken the firearm for ballistic examination to establish if it had committed another crime,” Kimulwo said.

Kimulwo said, according to the deceased wife Abei Elimlim, the man arrived home on Sunday evening but appeared disturbed and not jovial as usual.

She said they had a short conversation, then the deceased left to another manyatta within the compound, but about two minutes later, she heard a gunshot from the manyatta.

“I rushed to the scene and found my husband lying down in a pool of blood. I alerted relatives and neighbours,” she said.

Kimulwo warned the county government of recruiting staff not vetted by the DCI office.

“It's unfortunate the deceased was an employee of the County Government and had owned an illegal firearm. We advise the County government to liaise with the DCIO office for clearance of anybody seeking employment to avoid the risks of recruiting criminals,” he said.

Meanwhile, police in Turkana West have arrested a 34-year-old suspect and recovered two AK 47 rifles.

According to Kimulwo, the suspect was heading to Kakuma from Lokichoggio border town when police acting on intelligence report intercepted the suspect at Kalobeyei roadblock as he tried to alight from a vehicle.

“When he saw the officers approaching, he dropped the box and ran away. The officers caught up with him and arrested him. Upon searching the box, the officers recovered two rifles, a green military jungle pullover and five rounds of ammunition,” he said.

He noted that they suspect the riffle had been smuggled to the country from the neighbouring country.

“We have also intensified security along the borders. The riffles will be taken for ballistic examination, and the suspect is in police custody,” he said. 

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