Video: Sagana 3 meeting tackle false narratives about Uhuru in the mountain - Kimunya

Majority Leader of the National Assembly Amos Kimunya. [File, Standard]

National Assembly Majority Leader Amos Kimunya has said the main agenda for the upcoming Sagana 3 meeting is uniting the Mount Kenya Region and eliminating fake narratives about Presiddent Uhuru Kenyatta. 

The President is scheduled to meet Mount Kenya leaders at Sagana State Lodge, Nyeri. 

In an interview on KTN News’ Checkpoint, Kimunya said the President plans to meet with leaders from the region so he can address the fake information being peddled in the region by his political rivals, who were once his allies.

“The main agenda of the meeting is the unity of Mt Kenya because it is an area invaded with lies, propaganda. The young generation has been made to believe that President Uhuru Kenyatta failed them and is not supporting businesses. As if he brought Covid-19. There is a lot of misinformation and that is why the President wants to consolidate his bloc,” Kimunya during the Sunday night Checkpoint show hosted by Sophia Wanuna on KTN News.

“The date for Sagana 3 meeting is dependent on the president’s schedule because all president’s functions are subject to confirmation due to his availability and his busy schedule,” Kimunya said.

According to Kimunya, Uhuru plans to update his region on his achievements for the bloc and explain his fall out with his deputy, with whom they were elected on a joint ticket.

However, Kimunya also added that the Jubilee party lost its command in the Central Region to Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA. He attributes the shift of allegiance by Central voters to a lack of an alternative.

“It is true the mountain had shifted its support. UDA got a huge following in the area because people lacked an alternative party,” he stated. “The President did not abandon his people as widely insinuated. He chose to focus on delivering his agenda to the people.”

Upcoming Jubilee NDC

Kimunya opined that Jubilee’s National Delegates Conference (NDC) scheduled for Friday and Saturday would be a revamp and rebirth of the ruling party.

“NDC will be the rebirth of Jubilee. People are tired of the same messages recited by UDA. It is time for fresh messages, fresh colours. Our new slogan will be ‘mbele pamoja’,” he told KTN News’ Sophia Wanuna.

“Jubilee was a union of convenience on ICC matters and any marriage of convenience might not be futuristic,”

Moreover, the majority leader attributed the fallout between the president and his Deputy to Ruto’s doublespeak.

Kimunya said Raila Odinga won Uhuru's admiration when he displayed a selfless character and agreed to work together without taking any shares in the government.

He says Uhuru pledged to support someone who was ready to work for the people with him over an ally who betrayed him. “The president got amused when Raila said he was ready to discuss the way forward without taking part of the Jubilee government. That is why the president asks himself, Who would I safely leave the country to?”