DP Ruto: Government diverted Big Four funds to BBI campaigns

Deputy President William Ruto addresses a public rally at Kimana town in Kajiado County on October 31, 2021. [Courtesy]

Deputy President William Ruto has hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner Raila Odinga alleging they diverted funds set aside for the government’s Big Four programmes to the  Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Addressing a public rally at Kimana town in Kajiado County today, Ruto said the Jubilee administration had a plan to transform the country through the Big Four programme before the BBI proponents hijacked the process and diverted the funds their BBI reggae.

“We had a plan before these people came with their arrogance and diverted funds meant for government programmes to their reggae,” he told the cheering crowd without mentioning the two leaders.  

Ruto claimed he cautioned the BBI proponents to ensure all Kenyans were part of the law amendments debate but they ignored him.

"We told them to include all Kenyans in the process, but arrogance drove them. They told us no one can stop reggae, but it eventually stopped," he said.

Big Four Agenda

The Big Four Agenda now referred to as Big Four is an economic blueprint that was developed by the Jubilee administration to foster economic development and provide a solution to the various socio-economic problems facing Kenyans.

President Kenyatta introduced the blueprint Kenyans during the 2017 Jamhuri celebrations as his government’s plan for fulfilling the promises made during the campaign period.

They included universal health coverage, affordable housing, manufacturing and food security.

President Kenyatta said he had listened to Kenyans before coming up with the four items, which he termed as the four pillars of his administration.

Join UDA

Ruto told his supporters to join United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and elect its aspirants, saying the party had a plan for the small people.

He hit out his opponents for allegedly lacking a development track record despite serving in the government in various capacities.

“One of my opponents is former PM while the other two are former Vice Presidents yet they have nothing to show,” he said.

He told his opponents to stop selling fear, blackmail and threats to Kenyans, saying no politician wants to incite Kenyans to violence.

DP Ruto challenged his opponents to have an agenda so that campaigns can be issue-based and not sell threats.

“We have made a covenant as Kenyans that we will never engage in conflict because of politics, what we want is a free and fair election,” he said.

He also told the crowd to ignore leaders who go for hotel interviews instead of going to the masses to sell their agenda.

“As they go to hotels to meet a few individuals for an interview, I come to the people for my interview,” he said, adding that it is Kenyans who will vote for their president.