A policewoman lured the suspect out of his lair. [iStockphoto]

A suspected Murang’a thug was nabbed this week, after police reportedly used his weakness for fair lasses to lure him out of his lair.

The man is alleged to have jumped bail a month ago, while awaiting trial for brewing chang’aa.

The man leads Jeshi ya Gaica, which specialises in selling chang’aa and narcotics.

When the going gets tough, the gang robs people, as they reportedly did on the Thika Superhighway early last month, using a toy pistol.

Two days later, they tried to exhume a deceased tycoon with the intention of stealing an expensive casket.

With the leader John Maina Ngugi on the run, he continued to provide strategic leadership to the gang, according to police sources. And he proved so elusive, he’d disappear in thin air any time the police raided chang’aa dens. But any time he picked a fair lady, he’d pass by the police station and honk, apparently to irritate the officers.

Anyway, the police got the better of him; a good-looking policewoman placed a phone call to the suspect and set up a rendezvous with him.

Ngugi promptly arrived and offered her a drink.

But since he did not take her to the dens where he reportedly sold chang’aa, and where his informers would have tipped him about the arrival of police officers, he went to a pub in town where plainclothes police officers promptly arrived and nabbed him.

He’s possibly picked a useful lesson he won’t forget in a rush: when the fair lady calls out of the blue, think twice.