Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant (KFC) [Courtesy]

Kenyans’ outrage over revelations that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) imports potatoes from Egypt is understandable. Kenya is a major producer of potatoes and it is not unusual for the produce to rot in farms or for farmers to sell it at a loss.

Buying potatoes locally would not only be advantageous to our farmers but also to KFC as it will acquire the tuber more cheaply due to proximity.

However, suppliers must be ready to meet the fast-food chain’s product standards. KFC says all its suppliers need to go through a global quality assurance approval process. Potato-rich counties such as Nyandarua and Nakuru therefore should consider helping their farmers to meet KFC’s requirements.

It will be good for KFC to source potatoes, as it does with other products, right here where it makes its profits. It is the right thing to do.

By XN Iraki 2 days ago
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