Senator's criticism on governor soars as 2022 beckons

Kisumu Senator Fred Outa has taken a fresh exception to Governor Anyang' Nyong'o's way of leadership.

The two leaders, once bosom friends towards the 2017 election campaigns, have taken their wars to the public, with Mr Outa accusing Prof Nyong'o of spending most of his office hours on questionable overseas trips.

Outa said Nyong'o blacklisted and never consulted him on development. He further faulted plans by the county to buy Nyong'o a fuel guzzler at Sh18 million yet key projects stalled for lack of funds.

The senator has expressed interest in succeeding Nyong'o in 2022.

Yesterday Outa said the governor "lagged behind" in fulfilling his campaign promises.

"The Kachok dumpsite is one of the projects that the governor promised to handle in his first 100 days in office. Two years down the line and we are still on the dumpsite," the senator claimed on a popular vernacular radio show yesterday. He refuted claims that he turned against Nyong'o after he was denied tenders and job slots in county offices.

But in a rejoinder, Nyong'o's spokesman Alloys Ager accused Outa of exhibiting bitterness. He asked the senator to play his oversight role soberly and stop sabotaging development. “He should be in the Senate addressing matters affecting the county rather than speaking at funerals on matters he is not sure of," he said.

He accused the senator of fueling wrangles between the local assembly and the Executive, especially on the controversial county Budget estimates.

Mr Ager equally asked the senator to provide evidence on the alleged overpricing of the governor's car, adding that Outa had never been to the governor's office for candid development talks.

"He should stop complaining and come to the office if he wants to talk on matters development," Ager said.

He added that removal of garbage from the Kachok dumpsite was almost complete.