250 PWDs in Mandera benefit from mobility kits

Some of the beneficiaries of the donation. [Ibrahim Adan Ali, Standard]

250 persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Mandera County have benefitted from a donation of mobility kits and assorted trade tools.

According to Mandera Executive Committee Member for Social Development Sumaya Bishar, the donation is geared toward the improvement of the quality of life for PWDs in the county.

"The various tools of trade we are giving you today will help you start businesses to empower yourselves economically, and generate income for yourselves and your families," said Bishar.

Bishar said the mobility kits are, especially, aimed at enhancing PWDs' movement and independence thus enabling them to break barriers and create an inclusive society where each individual has access to equal opportunities.

"Disabilities do not make a person a less functional member of the community. By giving equal opportunities and the corresponding respect, we grow a sense of confidence in the persons with disabilities and cultivate a sense of belonging," said Bishar.

She noted that the state-of-the-art pieces of equipment are designed to accommodate various types of disabilities, "Among the new provisions are 50 standard wheelchairs, 20 metallic walking frames, 35 adjustable elbow crutches, 1 motorized fuel motorbike for the disabled, 10 tricycles, 10 foldable white cane/blind stick, 14 wielding tool kits, 1 car wash machine, 3 carpentry tool kits and 7 sewing machines." 

Speaking to The Standard, one of the beneficiaries, Hassan Abdi, who received a sewing machine, said that with the equipment, he will be able to fend for his family and lead a comfortable life.

“I am so grateful after getting the equipment, now I will be able to open my own tailoring place and with the income I get, I will feed and educate my children comfortably,” said Abdi.

As per last year's accessions, there are 13, 000 PWDs in Mandera County, most of whom are living below the poverty line, surviving on less than a dollar a day.

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