Senator Karen Nyamu: Loving Samidoh pushing me to cause drama, be shameless

A screengrab of Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu during Facebook Live on December 17, 2022. [Courtesy of Facebook]

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has blamed alcohol on the drama that led to the confrontation between her and the wife of musician Samidoh at a Dubai nightclub on Friday, December 16.

The drama began when Nyamu, who is Samidoh's lover, was taken off stage during the artiste's live performance.

Samidoh was performing for Kenyan audiences in Dubai during a Mugithi night.

Senator Nyamu now says she did not know she needed special permission to access the stage during Samidoh's performance.

"They told me I was prohibited from dancing on the stage because I needed special permission to be there. I did not know that I needed clearance to be on the stage," she said on Saturday morning, December 17, during Facebook Live on her page.

"I was drunk [during the drama]. My resolution for 2023 is to completely stop taking alcohol," added Nyamu.

After being taken off stage, the senator went to the reserved lounge, where Samidoh was seated with his wife, Edday Nderitu.

The security personnel attempted to keep her off, but she managed to access Samidoh, and even sat on his laps briefly.

It was then that Samidoh's spouse, Edday, charged at Nyamu, resulting in a confrontation.

The security personnel, however, managed to take Nyamu away, averting would-be uglier scenes.

The first-time lawmaker, who is in the Senate courtesy of UDA nomination, now says her love for Samidoh is pushing her to cause drama.

"Love is making me engage in drama every other time. It's making me look like a mad person. Please pray for me," said Nyamu.

The legislator says Samidoh's divided loyalty - between his wife and her (Nyamu) - is complicating their relationship.

"It's difficult waking up next to someone in the morning, then in the evening, you're involved in drama [because you are fighting for his attention]. Please pray for me so that I stay away from drama in 2023," said Nyamu.

"If you are a man, and you have a wife, [please ensure you are fair to the other women in your life, if they are there]."

During the Facebook Live, an online user accused Nyamu of being shameless in the comments section.

After reading the comment, Nyamu responded, saying: "Yes, I'm shameless. I have every other thing [a person dreams of], except for shame."

Another Facebook user told the senator to know her place in Samidoh's life, saying the musician's legal spouse is Edday Nderitu, and not her (Nyamu).

"Sometimes I forget the lane that I should be on. Alcohol has a way of impairing judgement, making me to breach lane guidelines," she said, adding: "I won't leave Sami, nonetheless. He and I must raise our children together," responded the senator.

Revisiting the Friday night drama, Nyamu said had she not been hounded out of the stage, the drama wouldn't have happened.

"Honestly, I don't know what happened. Who did I wrong by going on stage? I was just having fun. My kind of fun entails dancing on stage during live performances. I dance for a few minutes and, thereafter, get off the stage," she said.

She, however, said that had the confrontation between her and Samidoh's wife, Edday, escalated to physical violence, she'd have retreated without fighting back.

"I don't fight. When physical confrontations arise, be sure I'll be the first one to run from the scene," she said.

Samidoh had travelled to Dubai with his wife Edday for a scheduled performance.

Karen Nyamu travelled to the UAE Emirate on Thursday, December 15.

Samidoh, 32, is yet to speak about the Friday drama.

The musician, whose real name is Samuel Muchoki, has three children with his wife Edday Nderitu and two with his lover Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh launched his solo music career in 2016 after serving as a backing vocalist for a popular Kikuyu music band for a while.

Besides music, Samidoh is also an administration police officer, who was transferred to Nairobi after serving in Dadaab for years.

In a December 13, 2019 interview on K24 Television, Samidoh said he met his wife in secondary school, and that his spouse was the only woman he had hit on, at the time, and ended up marrying.

"I was a very shy person growing up. So, when I approached my wife in high school, and she smiled back at me and welcomed my advances, I was really impressed. She is the only woman I have dated in my entire life. I have no ex-girlfriend; I have never experienced a heartbreak," Samidoh told the then-host Betty Kyallo.

Samidoh's wife also said she had never dated any other man in her life besides her partner.

Samidoh, while still married to Edday, started dating Karen Nyamu in October 2020.

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