Woman interrupts President Ruto's speech, forces Rachel Ruto to intervene

A middle-aged woman from Mathira in Nyeri County dashed towards the podium where President William Ruto was addressing mourners on Tuesday during the burial service of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's elder brother, Jack Reriani.

Shortly after Ruto began his speech, the woman, who was among the mourners, bolted towards the podium from the left side of the tent, while shouting: "President Ruto, President Ruto please help me."

Ruto briefly stopped his speech and tried to persuade the woman to remain calm, saying he'll listen to what she has to say after the function.

"Haya, keti chini. Nitakuona (Please sit down, I'll see you after this)," said the president.

The woman, who was dressed in a yellow blouse and blue skirt, remained unyielding, saying her troubles were weighing her down, and therefore she couldn't wait any longer.

"My situation has reached a crisis level, and I can't wait any longer. Let me see the First Lady if I can't access the president," she said while rooted the ground.

The president's security team tried managing her, but she fought to be heard.

It was at this point that Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua's wife, Dorcas Gachagua, stood from her seat and went to speak with the woman.

Dorcas's attempts to contain the woman were fruitless, as she screamed that she wanted to see either President Ruto or Rachel Ruto.

President Ruto, who heard the woman's request, said: "It's okay, Rachel Ruto is here, and she'll attend to you."

It was at this point that First Lady Rachel Ruto stood, went and had a small conversation with the woman before returning to her seat.

The president's security team, thereafter, escorted the woman to the mourners' seats.

"Don't worry about the woman, we'll listen to her tribulations and attend to them," Ruto said and thereafter continued with his speech.

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