British Army Training Unit in Kenya holds memorial service for the Queen Elizabeth II

Commander Defence Infrastructure Organization Lieutenant Colonel Paul Longwell during a memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II in Nanyuki on September 19, 2022. [Mose Sammy, Standard]

British Army Training Unit (Batuk) in Kenya joined their United Kingdom counterparts to bid fair well to their departed commander in chief Queen Elizabeth II.

Led by their unit commander Dancun Man the soldiers hailed the queen for her omnipresence in the army adding that she was more than a figure to the troops.

"She knew what it meant to serve in the armed forces. Her father King George fought in the battle of Jutland the largest naval battle of World War I, as a 14-year-old she stayed in her family home in London during the Blitz as the royal family refused to be evacuated to Canada when Britain faced invasion," said Man.

He recalled how the queen was in the Auxiliary Territorial Service-learning skills she would practice for the rest of her life.

To show how the queen was close to the armed forces, the commander indicated that she was married to a naval officer who had served with distinction in World War II and how they lived with other service families overseas

Man eulogised the queen as a monarch who knew the pressure and responsibilities placed on military families since many of children and grandchildren received a military education and served on operations including the Falklands War in Afghanistan.

"She understood more than most of us ever will the sacrifices that are made on behalf of the armed forces most importantly she could empathize with service personnel and their families," recalled Man.

They also remembered the rich history between the Royal family in United Kingdom and Kenya right from the Tree Tops hotel, Her Majesty's connection with ACK St Phillip's Church and her ceremonial visits to the country

"The connection between the Royal family and Kenya has endured, becoming a place that royals love to visit for the warmth of Kenyan people, the beautiful countryside and the amazing wildlife which many royals have personally committed to preserving.

They also reminisce how Prince William proposed to Princess Catherine in Kenya saying despite the death of the queen the connection between the two countries will endure.

The service was presided over by the Batuk priest Andrew Thomson who remembered the queen as a strong pillar of faith which he said was by her numerous messages to Bishops such as "Throughout my life, the message and teachings of Christ has been my guide and I find hope through them, which she sent to the bishops two months ago.

By Winfrey Owino 32 mins ago
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