Africa asked to lead the conversation on Climate Change

Sunru Yong, a partner at  Dalberg Advisor addresses the media at Dalberg research offices.

The African continent has been asked to lead the conversation on Climate Change and push for accountability from other continents.

This comes as the continent joins the world in efforts to drive up the use of green energy.

Other stakeholders in the sector are gearing up to join in the efforts to tackle the escalating impact of climate change on a global scale.

Dalberg Advisors, a strategy and policy advisory firm, is among the firms at the forefront of pushing for the prioritization of clean energy globally.

Kenya, which hosted the 2023 Climate Change Conference, is rushing against time to achieve 100 per cent clean energy access and use.

Dalberg has partnered with Kenya and other African countries to drive a clean energy agenda, pushing to address Africa's potential to take a leading role in addressing global challenges in food systems, energy transition, climate change mitigation, and ageing populations worldwide.

Sunru Yong, a partner at the firm, says they are working to build a more inclusive and sustainable world where all people can reach their full potential.

He says that Africa is the next big thing in the use of electric vehicles in public transport.

“The key here is to make sure that for those who own or operate these vehicles, the business case becomes strong because the cost of charging can come down relative to petrol, cost of maintenance will also come down,” he said.

The African Civil Society's Common Position on Climate Adaptation and Loss & Damage for COP28 is an urgent call to prioritise Africa's adaptation needs in the global climate discourse.  

Yong is challenging African countries to take advantage of opportunities and ensure value flows to countries that need mitigation.

“I am very excited about the promise and potential of Africa to play a role in helping to fight climate change. There are opportunities across different areas and Africa can be part of the greening of the global economy,” he added.

African leaders have been urged to commit to more action and spearhead climate change mitigation measures.

They have also been urged to mobilize financing for climate action and amplify Africa’s calls for robust commitments by wealthy countries to meet the continent’s urgent needs in addressing climate change.

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