Githongo’s quest to query Murungaru on Anglo Leasing flops


Former Internal Security Minister Chris Murungaru declined to be cross-examined over tape transcripts that allegedly implicate him in the Anglo Leasing scandal.

Mr Murungaru told Justice David Onyancha that the cross-examination on the contents of the tapes could only take place after his lawyers are allowed to participate in the preparation of the transcripts.

The over 35 pages transcripts had been served to Murungaru by former Ethics and Governance PS John Githongo, who is defending himself against claims of defamation. Murungaru said that a dossier prepared by Githongo in 2005, which he claims was widely circulated in the media, ruined his reputation and destroyed his political career. He wants Githongo to pay him damages.

Yesterday, Githongo’s lawyer Andrew Wandabwa was set to cross-examine Murungaru on the contents of the transcripts, but Murungaru’s lawyer Kioko Kilukumi told the court that legal teams from both parties had to participate in the preparation and translation of the transcripts before cross-examination could take place.  Justice Onyancha ruled that lawyers for both parties agree on the transcripts to be presented to the court.