Man City win over Liverpool would improve title chances to 86% - study

January 3, 2019 Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola react Action Images via Reuters

Following are key statistics and analysis ahead of Manchester City's Premier League home game against title rivals Liverpool, provided by Nielsen's Gracenote.

City lead Liverpool by one point after 30 games heading into Sunday's clash. They are ranked the top two teams in the Euro Club Index.

* The index estimates City have a 61% chance of winning the title while Liverpool have a 39% chance.

* Victory for City would improve their chances of retaining the title to 86% while an away win for Liverpool would give them a 68% chance of reclaiming it.

* A draw would give City the advantage in the title race (63% chance of winning to Liverpool's 37%).

* Liverpool have scored more goals (77) than City (70) for the first time since Pep Guardiola's first campaign in 2016-17.

* It is Liverpool's second-most potent attack in the club's history after the 2013/14 squad under Brendan Rodgers (82 goals at this stage of the season) which lost the title to City by two points.

* Liverpool are creating more opportunities and needing fewer shots to score compared to City.

* Liverpool have had 557 attempts on goal this season, the highest since Juergen Klopp took over in 2015 and a near 30% increase from last season.

* Opponents average 12 shots per goal this season when centre back Virgil van Dijk plays for Liverpool, compared to 6.7 shots without him when he was injured last season.

* Liverpool were also conceding around twice as many goals prior to signing Van Dijk.