Woman runs over boyfriend for cheating on her

Adapted from SkyNews

A 44-year-old woman in New Zealand has been sectioned after allegedly trying to run over a boyfriend who had jilted her.

The incident happened in the Hamilton Waikato area of North Island, the area where the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit were filmed.

A 15-year-old boy heard the couple arguing outside a shop. He said he heard the victim telling the woman he was going to leave her and "then she ran him over".

"The first time we thought it was just an accident, but then the second time we knew it wasn't," Kanj Patel was quoted as saying on Liveleak.com.

"I was shocked and I was shaking, but I had to do something to help him.

"He was swearing a bit, but we took him a cushion and another person got him a towel for his head and we tried to keep him comfortable."

Witnesses said the 44-year-old woman then drove her car over a bank and into the Waikato River.

A boy who was swimming in the river with his younger brother heard the car revving before it went over the bank.

"It didn't look like she was trying to stop," he said.

The woman freed herself from the car as it was sinking.

Waikato police were soon on the scene and the woman was brought ashore, with the assistance of a passing kayaker.

The man is in hospital recovering from his injuries.