Ghana-made herbal beer to cater for health-conscious customers

Beer lovers sample Alomo Bitters, one of Ghana’s popular beer brands, during its launch at the Ghana High Commission in Nairobi. [Nanjinia Wamuswa, Standard]

Beer lovers in Kenya can now enjoy Alomo Bitters, one of Ghana’s popular beer brands without having to travel to the Western African nation. Alomo Bitters, a herbal-based alcoholic drink made with purified water, plant extracts and a neutral spirit is produced by Kasapreko Company Ltd in Ghana.

The brand, popular not only in Ghana but also in Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, South Africa and Burkina Faso is set to spark a competition in the alcohol industry. 

Francis Holly-Adzah, Director, International Business Development, describes the brand as an authentic herbal drink exquisitely crafted by nature’s hands, and distributed across 12 West African countries, three South African countries, the European Union region, United States of America and Canada.

He explains, as Kasapreko enters Kenya, it anticipates a warm reception from consumers who seek top-tier beverages that deliver quality and affordability.

According to him, there are similarities in cultures, lifestyle and socioeconomic statuses of many citizens of both Ghana and Kenya.

“Our entry into Kenya is just the beginning, as we are actively exploring opportunities to bring our unique products to more African countries. We envision every Kenyan household embracing our specially crafted drinks, and we will continue to go the extra mile to cater to the evolving needs of our esteemed customers,” he says.

Speaking during the launch at the Ghana High Commission in Nairobi, Holly-Adzah lauded Kenya as the gateway to Eastern Africa and  Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)  at large.

He sees this as an opportunity to recruit the over half a billion Eastern Africa population to not just their alcoholic beverages but also to their non-alcoholic and purified bottled water. 

Patrick Nyangweso, from Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), welcomed the Ghanian brand, advising beer lovers that, instead of going for counterfeits or illegal drinks that pose health consequences they should instead go for genuine, tasted and recognised brands like Alomo Bitters, in the spirit of promoting intra-African trade.

“As KNCCI, we advocate for products that are healthy, that will hit the market and create employment. We welcome your products and look forward to more partnerships and move our products to the next level,” said Nyangweso.

He urged both Kenya and Ghana to invest in innovation, go outside the traditional production and make production affordable.

Fredrick Matwanga, in charge of Economic Affairs and Commercial Diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed it has taken too long to have Ghanian products in Kenyan markets.

“As we launch this product, l know it will get its way in other Eastern African countries and even penetrate the Southern African regions. We also believe our products in Ghana will find their way into other West African markets,” he said adding that not long ago, they launched Ghana trading centre in Kenya.

He welcomed the idea of partnerships and working together to boost inter regional trade.

“We need to work together and bring more products to our markets. In Kenya, its not only tea, we also have coffee, vegetables and nuts we can send to the Ghana markets. African Continental Frameworks advocates for trade, investment and any other economic activity that we can promote amongst ourselves as important, because they will help to grow the African continent and our individual countries,” Matwanga said.

Through Kenya, Kasapreko will enter into the East African market with two flagship brands Alomo Bitters and Gold, alongside its London Dry Gin, Black Rock-Whiskey, Carnival Strawberry and Kalahari Bitters.

Patrick Masope-Crabbe, founder, Canary Group of Companies said a B2B model of business is their adopted approach to the East Africa market in order to ensure that the Kasapreko products spread into the market rapidly to reach consumers. 

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