Ngamia: App allows users to hail for logistics services

Jonathan Ndede, developer of Ngamia, an e-logistics app [File]

It is no doubt that technology has revolutionised all industries. The logistics industry has not been left behind in this revolution.

Three years ago, Jonathan Ndede (pictured) noticed the need for easy access to logistics services with an application that is now dubbed the 'Uber' for logistics.

Ngamia is an e-logistics hailing application that enables business owners, moving and other logistics service seekers to get services.

“In Kenya, we realised that the market had warmed up to taxi-hailing business but there was minimal use of e-logistics," said Mr Ndede. 

On the app a client first requests transport services. An interested driver listed in the application then bids for the job and after negotiations, an agreement is reached. 

For client protection services, Ngamia receives the money on behalf of the client and disburses an initial 70 per cent of the remittance to the driver to take care of necessities such as fuel.

Upon completion of the service, Ngamia sends the remainder of the cash to the driver and the service will have successfully been executed.

“So far, we haven’t experienced any cases of misconduct among the drivers. The drivers we have on our system are honest men and women who want to do business and make money," Ndede said.

"That, though, does not rule out the cases of misconduct,” he explained.

The drivers have mostly served clients in building and construction, farmers and private moving households.

The platform that now has thousands of drivers has improved the market for those in the hauling business, eliminating brokers who may go around clients or swindle drivers. This ensures profitability and accountability.

It is a business Ndede has done for the last three years, with his main challenge being human resources.

“Kenya’s human resource is very expensive. So if you find someone who is very good at their job then it costs an arm and a leg to hire maintenance services, software engineering and other tech-related services,” he said.

Ndede’s focus is to make Ngamia the best digital technology platform connecting service providers and consumers in the transport, logistics and supply chain industry. This, he hopes, will improve market visibility and accessibility of goods and services cost-effectively. 


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