KU, University of Arkansas to collaborate on joint research projects


The main entrance to Kenyatta University. [Elvis Ogina, Standard]

Kenyatta University and the University of Arkansas in the United States of America have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish an alliance dedicated to achieving academic excellence and fostering global partnerships.

This transformative partnership was initiated during a visit by students and faculty from the University of Arkansas to Kenyatta University, which proved to be a profound experience that encouraged collaboration, cultural exchange, and a deeper appreciation for diverse perspectives.

Kenyatta University Director of Public Relations and Communications Machua Koinange said the visit exemplified the boundless potential of the collaboration.

During the visit, students and faculty from both institutions engaged in a wide range of activities, including exploring state-of-the-art facilities at Kenyatta University and participating in insightful lectures and meetings with deans from various faculties.

The primary focus of the collaboration was on joint research projects aimed at addressing real-world challenges.

"As the students and faculty interacted, they discovered the potential for meaningful student exchange programmes, innovation-driven initiatives, and valuable airlift and internship exchange opportunities," Machua said.

"Moreover, the visit celebrated the rich diversity of cultures and traditions, allowing participants to share the beauty of Kenyan heritage with their counterparts from the University of Arkansas," he added.

"This immersion in Kenyan culture expanded perspectives and fostered an environment of understanding and appreciation for global interconnection."

One faculty member from the University of Arkansas expressed excitement about the visit to Kenyatta University, describing it as a truly eye-opening experience that left an indelible mark on their hearts.

The testimonial montage of videos from students and faculty further highlighted the profound impact of the visit, emphasising the shared commitment to fostering global partnerships and pursuing cutting-edge research initiatives.

Machua described the visit as a milestone in the journey of academic collaboration marking   the beginning of a promising future characterised by continued innovation, shared knowledge, and a thriving exchange of ideas between the University of Arkansas and Kenyatta University. 

"Together, they envision an educational landscape that champions excellence and embraces diversity, working hand in hand to make a positive impact on a global scale," he said.

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