KPC releases Sh1 million to benefit 227 needy students from Thange oil spillage area

The Kenya Pipeline Company on Wednesday 19 released 1 million bursary scheme to benefits 227 students from Thange area, Kibwezi East which is part of the KPC’s corporate social investment program following the oil spillage that occurred 2 years ago.

According to the area Assistant County Commissioner Mr. Vitalis Ogur, the beneficiaries were selected through a panel that brought together County Government officials, the area chief, Education officers and the local community. 

“The due process was followed to settling on those particular needy students with the money shared equally among the students”, said Ogur

 This was the second batch of money made to benefit poor students from the region where last year the company released 1 million that benefited 104 children.

The KPC Foundation Manager Bernice Lemedeket during issuing of the cheques to the students disclosed that the company was ready to continue supporting the needy students from the area to realize their dreams in education.

The bursary beneficiaries have been drawn from various institutions in Kenya ranging from secondary schools, universities and colleges.

Through statement released to newsrooms, KPC revealed that in a span of 2 years they have spent Sh. 24 million through provision of clean water, relief food and bursaries.

Through the company’s insurer, the CIC insurance company has compensated over 200 residents with the company issuing Sh. 11 million to 111 victims in the last lot of their compensation scheme.

Following the 2015 oil leakage, the Thange valley residents made claims in several categories; livestock losses, crop losses, medical expenses and water incidentals.

The Company says that the CIC’s investigators and assessors finalized assessment on livestock losses and are still undertaking assessments on the other three categories as well as some more claims made by the residents on their livestock.

The KPC boss Joe Sang while addressing the residents in a recent meeting on the progress of the compensation process urged the residents to provide valid information on good faith for the CIC insurance company to process their claims swiftly.

“For the process to take the shortest period possible then you need to give relevant information in a correct way”, said Sang.

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