Tharaka Nithi police disagree with prosecutor over case registry

THARAKA NITHI COUNTY: Police Commander Johnston Ipara has called on prosecutors to co-operate with the police in fighting crimes in the society.

This is after police netted suspects in possession of bhang and the prosecutor failed to register the case.

Speaking to journalists Mr Ipara said police arrested the suspects after they were given the information by a member of public.

"On Saturday our officers were tipped by a student leader from Chuka University after he noticed people in his room and on checking them he found bhang and cakes."

Ipara explained that on Monday the investigator in charge of the case took the two suspects to the court for the purposes of tasking plea which did not happen.

On inquiry the prosecutor Noah Oginge failed to explain his reasons for declining to register the case even after confession from the suspects.

According to the police boss, the prosecutor said the drugs had to be taken to the government chemist for analysis before registry of the case which according to Ipara is the wrong procedure.

"Such behaviour undermines the authority of police and courts making criminals walk free without facing the law."

In his defence the Prosecutor Noah Oginge said he had his reasons for not registering the case.

He asked the investigator to take the evidence to the government chemist to prove the goods collected were actually bhang.