Passengers queueing for clearance during the launch of the KenTrade Internet WiFi Connectivity at Namanga One Stop Border Post. [Jonah Onyango/Standard]

Traders can now clear their goods much faster at all Kenyan border points. This follows a partnership agreement between Kenya Trade Network Agency (KenTrade) and the Global Alliance for Trade to implement risk-based pre-arrival processing in the Single Window System as part of efforts to reduce trade barriers on Kenyan borders.

KenTrade Chief Executive Amos Wangora said the partnership aims to fast-track the clearance and release of goods, increase predictability and reduce costs for traders.

He said risk-based pre-arrival processing will also enable customs and border agencies to improve risk assessment.

This is by ensuring that less effort is expended on low-risk shipments while more resources are focused on high-risk shipments. "Implementation of this is in line with World Trade Organisation’s Trade Facilitation Agreement, in particular, Article 7.1 which place emphasis on pre-arrival processing...” he said in Nairobi recently.

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