Olympic Marathon Widow said police played the CCTV footage at her home

Triza Njeri, the widow of Olympic marathoner Samuel Wanjiru, as she testified during an inquest into her husband's death. [George Njunge] 

Police replayed Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage from the late Olympic marathoner Kamau Wanjiru's house after his death, his widow has revealed.

In her testimony at the inquest probing Wanjiru's death on Wednesday, Triza Njeri said a police officer played the CCTV video in their bedroom.

"The officer came to my home in Muthaiga on May 17, 2011 and played the footage of the CCTV that we had installed in our home," Njeri said.

This, she said, happened in the presence of the family members including her mother-in-law Hannah Wanjiru. The others were two uncles, Njeri's brother, Kamau's cousin and some friends.

Njeri had just returned home after taking Wanjiru's body to the mortuary.

She said it is the same watchman she had left a Mr Maigwa who opened the gate for her.

She told Magistrate Francis Andayi that they had installed several cameras to monitor the house and compound.

"There was a screen in the bedroom where we could see anyone entering the home from the gate," said Njeri.

"We had several cameras because there was another one facing the gate that was located at the main house from outside," said Triza.

She said the camera could view the whole compound.

Triza said she found clothes belonging to Kamau's girlfriend and she handed them over to the police.

"On our matrimonial bed I also found a top (blouse) that had white stripes which was not mine," Njeri said,

She said she found a padlock and two metal rods on the door of their bedroom.

The witness added that the same day she received a call from the District Commissioner's (DC) office requesting her to go to his office.

"By that time many people were arriving at my place and I boarded a taxi to the DC's office," said Njeri.

She said the DC wanted to know about the burial arrangements.

The witness will continue with her testimony on November 6.