Gangsters shoot trader dead in daylight robbery

A witness said the thugs may have targeted the man because he had his dowry money with him. [iStockphoto]

Three gunmen staged a daylight robbery at Ndeiya in Kiambu, killing one trader.

The thugs struck a few minutes after 1pm at Kandumo Shopping Centre aboard a boda boda and shot John Wanderi as he opened his shop.

They then walked back to their bike before speeding off, as scared residents ran for their lives.

Wanderi was taken to the Ndeiya Health Centre, but it was too late.

The deceased's next-door trader, Mary Wanjiru said the gangsters, who wore masks, grabbed an envelope from Wanderi.

“The gunman looked at me, walked casually and boarded a bike. They took an envelope from him, which we suspect contained money."

One of the traders who requested anonymity said the thugs may have targeted Wanderi because he had his dowry money with him. 

“We believe the envelope contained a substantial amount of money, which they stole before leaving while pointing their firearms at anyone who seemed like raising the alarm,” he said.

Panic gripped the villagers, most of whom have never experienced the sound of gunfire.

“We have never heard of gun sound. We are worried that the insecurity that we have been seeing in major towns has now come to the least expected places. We call upon the security apparatus to be more vigilant,” said a resident.

Ndeiya sub-County police boss Rosylin Mnyolmo said that the robbers shot Wanderi at close range, killing him instantly.

Mnyolmo called upon the traders and villagers with information that may help the police in tracking down the thugs to come forward.

The body of the deceased was taken to the Tigoni Funeral Home. 

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