Bolt allows passengers to cancel offline trips

Taxi-hailing company Bolt has introduced a new cancellation option in its app, aimed at deterring users on its platform from taking offline trips and paying off the app.

This, the company said is to further enhance the safety and well-being of riders (passengers).

Passengers will now be able to cancel a trip by selecting the option 'the driver asked to pay off the app' under specific circumstances.

This feature empowers passengers to take immediate action should they encounter situations where the driver asks for payment for a trip outside the app, requests payment exceeding the agreed-upon trip fare, or encourages cancellation of the trip to go offline.

The move comes after several complaints by passengers of drivers who have been using offline booking to convince them that offline trips are more expensive than online ones.

 “We're happy to introduce our latest cancellation option, designed to cut down on offline trips and address instances where drivers insist on charging rates exceeding those on the app. At Bolt, we strongly discourage both drivers and passengers from using the platform to exchange contact details or negotiate for offline trips,” said Linda Ndungu (pictured), Bolt Country Manager.

She added: “This goes against the safety and reliability we aim to uphold for our users. When drivers and riders go offline, essential safety features like GPS tracking and SOS coverage in the app become inactive, leaving users vulnerable and without access to critical in-app safety tools. Remaining online ensures the effectiveness of these features and prioritises the safety of our users.

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