How to touch up your decor with a runner

Runners are décor accessories often used to provide instant a refreshing ambience to your living space. To dress up a table, a long cloth is placed in the middle of the table, not only to dress it up but also to protect the table from the heat from serving dishes.  

Wedding and event facilitators use such accessories to create a dramatic ambience. They can be enhanced with a boundary of flowers along the edges of the runner.  

These are also great for religious festivities, which happen around the end of the year.

Runners can also be placed on bed covers to hold the décor theme together. Often placed three quarters of the way towards the foot of the bed, the runner is made in a cloth that contrasts the bed cover so that it stands out.

It looks even better if accompanied by pillow cases that match the bed runner. The runner should hang over the edge of the bed but not go past the edge of the bed cover so that it does not look tacky.

Long corridors can also benefit from carpet runners. These are long, slim carpets placed on corridors to add warmth and character to otherwise neglected and forgotten passages.

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Include an underfelt beneath the carpet so that it holds a steady grip to prevent the carpet from moving and causing accidental falls.

For events, the carpet runner can be used at an aisle for a red-carpet welcome. This provides an elegant pivotal pathway for star guests to walk down and be seen by all.

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