Drama as landlord blocks disabled businessman from moving out

There was drama as a disabled businessman in Kisii Town was denied a chance to move out of his rental house in Nyanchwa Estate on Thursday.

Reuben Manyara who runs Four Seasons Salon in Kisii Town had planned to move out of his two bedroom house at Hazike Flats since he was staying at the first floor which was not friendly to his condition.

Manyara said that he had stayed at the apartment for three weeks despite paying for Sh20,000 in September which stood for one month rent and deposit and had informed the building caretaker of his intention to move out by end of October.

“I paid Sh10,000 rent and a deposit of the same amount in September but migrated to this house in October where I have been staying with my wife and son but I have found it difficult staying here since I have to be carried to the house always,” said Manyara.

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He said that he had informed the caretaker that he would be moving out of the house but he was told that he had to pay Sh10,000 rent and that he would get back his deposit once the Landlord certified that the house was in good condition.

Manyara said that he had hired a lorry to help him move out of the house to an apartment that would be friendly to his condition but was shocked when the caretaker blocked him saying that he had to pay Sh10,000 before moving out.

Hassan Simba who owns the Flat told the Standard on Phone that he had no objection to Manyara moving out but he had to follow regulations governing the renting of houses which require both tenants and landlords to keep their obligations.

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“Manyara has been my tenant since September, he is free to move out if he pays this month’s rent and would get back his deposit once my caretaker certifies that the house is in good condition as he found it, if not it will be repaired and I will be charged and given the remaining amount of money,” said Simba.

Nominated MCA Joyce Ombasa who visited the flat said that it was unfair for Simba to block Manyara from moving out since he did not owe him anything given that he had actually lived in the house for less than one month and had rent and deposit paid.

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Ms Ombasa said that it was a fact that the flat was not friendly to people with disabilities and that was the reason as to why Manyara was moving out since he was tired of always having to be carried to the house he stays in at the first floor.

“We are demanding that Simba allows Manyara move out to his house of choice since he does not owe him anything having paid him Sh20,000 the monthly rent being Sh10,000 and he has stayed for less than two months,” said Ms Ombasa.

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