Kebs denies ban on used car parts

Kebs denies ban on used car parts.
The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has denied banning importation of used motor vehicle parts in the wake of protests from dealers who said they had not been consulted.

“Contrary to the impression being created, Kebs has not issued a notice to ban all imported car spare parts,” said the regulator in a statement.

“There exists a Kenya Standard that specifies acceptance criteria for used motor vehicles spare parts.”

Effecting policy

The standards agency said it was only effecting the policy to ensure unworthy motor vehicle parts were not imported.

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“This is not a new policy, neither is it a standard being introduced now, nor does it form part of the National Automotive Policy,” said Kebs. “Under the enhanced PVoC programme that is intended to ensure only suitable spare parts are imported for use in repair of vehicles, KEBS has directed the contracted inspections agents to ensure only spare parts that meet the standards are certified for importation.”

Second-hand motor vehicle dealers and garage owners yesterday voiced opposition to reports that Kebs had blocked the importation of used car parts, saying the move would lead to massive job losses.

More than 80 per cent of the vehicles in the country are second-hand imports and this has spawned a large industry of auto shops and spare part dealers countrywide.

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Kebs says the standard for used spare parts was developed in consultation with stakeholders, including the Automobile Association of Kenya, Association of Kenya Insurers and Kenya Auto Bazaar Association.

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