Summit for Democracy a show of US arrogance

 U.S. President Joe Biden escorts Chinese President Xi Jinping to his car to bid farewell after their talks in the Filoli Estate in the U.S. state of California, Nov 15, 2023. [Xinhua]

In the grand narrative spun by the Biden administration, the Summit for Democracy was supposed to be a beacon of hope, a rallying cry for freedom against the encroaching shadows of authoritarianism.

Yet, as the curtains fall on each successive summit, it becomes increasingly evident that this event is nothing more than a charade—an empty vessel, rattling with the echoes of American hubris and double standards.

Conceived in the aftermath of the tumultuous Trump era, the Summit for Democracy was meant to serve as a stark departure from its predecessor, a stage upon which President Biden could showcase his leadership on the global stage.

However, beneath the veneer of noble intentions lies a far more insidious agenda: the psychological posturing of the United States as the self-appointed commander-in-chief of the so-called “Democratic Camp”, a move aimed at unnerving perceived adversaries like China and Russia.

Since its inception, the Summit for Democracy has been plagued by a litany of failures and criticisms, painting a damning portrait of American democracy in the eyes of the world. The dismal turnout—more than 20 countries and regions declining invitations, Biden’s speech barely registering a blip on the digital radar—speaks volumes about the waning influence of the United States. Polls reveal a growing sentiment of distrust towards American democracy, both at home and abroad, with many viewing the US as a significant threat to global democratic ideals.

Even within its own borders, the Summit for Democracy has faced fierce opposition, with lawmakers, experts, and media outlets alike denouncing it as little more than a hollow echo chamber of empty rhetoric. The very premise of the summit is called into question, as critics point to the arbitrary selection of participants—many of whom hail from non-democratic regimes—as evidence of its inherent hypocrisy.

As the third Summit for Democracy looms on the horizon, the cracks in its facade continue to widen. Despite its ostensible focus on future generations, the summit remains fixated on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, ignoring the pleas of the international community for a more inclusive approach to addressing global crises.

In truth, the Summit for Democracy serves only to underscore the erosion of American credibility and moral authority on the world stage. By weaponizing democracy as a political tool, the United States seeks to assert its hegemonic dominance, dividing the world along arbitrary lines and sowing discord in its wake.

This brazen display of arrogance and self-interest not only betrays the principles of democracy but also undermines the very values it claims to champion.

In the end, the Summit for Democracy is revealed for what it truly is: a masquerade of American exceptionalism, a hollow spectacle designed to mask the decay at the heart of the world’s self-proclaimed bastion of freedom and democracy. Until the United States can reconcile its actions with its rhetoric, the true spirit of democracy will remain elusive, lost amidst the shadows of hypocrisy and hubris.

The writer is a commentator on topical issues