Kuria: 'You can throw stones at me all you want,' fuel prices will still go up

Trade, Investments, and Industries CS Moses Kuria. [PSC, Standard]

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has continued his harangue on Kenyans over the increased price of fuel.

In a seeming ‘out of touch’ manner, the CS in a post on X, maintained that fuel prices will continue rising, despite several complaints.

“I repeat. Petrol will be Sh260 by February 2024...El Nino is coming in three weeks which will last till March. These are global and climate change driven,” he wrote.

Kuria, who has recently irked a section of netizens with his remarks averred that the citizenry ought to hear the truth, devoid of sugarcoating.

“Responsible leaders ought to tell the truth to prepare the people. You can throw stones at me all you want…” said the CS.

He on Friday, September 15, hinted at an increase in the pump prices, after they crossed the Sh200 mark in the latest review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

In a video seen by The Standard, the Trade CS, known to speak bluntly, and who has been accused of not knowing when to read the room, is heard telling Kenyans to ‘drill their own wells’ if they think the price of fuel is too high.

("Sasa ukishinda ukisema bei ya mafuta imeongezeka kutoka asubuhi hadi jioni, si uchimbe kisima yako,") loosely translated to “drill your own well instead of complaining about the hike in prices from morning to evening.”

He added that turning to protests over the high cost of living and fuel prices will not solve anything.

“The cost of living will not be brought down by protests. Kenya will not move forward by demonstrating,” Kuria is captured saying.

But it isn’t just Kuria with this school of thought, save for the style of delivery.

His Energy counterpart, Davis Chirchir, told a Parliamentary committee on Friday that the trajectory offers little hope, a situation the government had no control over.

The CS, who termed the increase “unprecedented”, evaded questions by members of the National Assembly Energy Committee on when Kenyans would see lower pump prices, stating that his ministry could soon manage the rise.

EPRA on Thursday, September 14 reviewed fuel prices upwards, with Super Petrol now retailing at Sh211.64, diesel at Sh201, and Kerosene at Sh202.13 per litre in Nairobi.