We want the Solai Dam case solved out of court, victims say

Solai Dam victims Organizing Secretary Stephen Ng'ang'a.

Victims of the Solai Dam tragedy that happened in May 2018 say that they do not want to be part of any court proceedings surrounding the matter.

Speaking during an interview with Spice FM on Friday, July 21, the organizing secretary for Solai Dam victims Stephen Ng'ang'a said that they had agreed to settle the matter outside court and they are not aware of any case involving them.

"When a number of us were elected as representatives of families affected by the tragedy, we agreed to settle the matter outside the court. This is because already there was a lot of political pressure surrounding the matter which was very unnecessary," said Ng'ang'a.

"We are not aware of any court case regarding what happened in Solai and as a matter of fact, we have benefited more from the help we have gotten outside the court rulings."

According to Ng'ang'a, a majority of the victims are illiterate therefore they cannot read leave alone understand court procedures.

Additionally, even without the ruling of the court, thirty-seven families whose houses were destroyed by water were built new ones while those that lost their businesses and loved ones were financially compensated.

The Patel Dam in 2018 burst open after heavy rainfall making it the worst dam disaster in Kenya's history.

The tragedy killed forty-eight people and displaced a thousand more as it swept the homes of four villages that surround the dam.

The matter was heard in court after five years and nine of the workers were charged with manslaughter and neglect of duty.

Ng'ang'a however believes that even with the ruling, the victims are yet to benefit from the court rulings.