All we want is equality, MCAs now say

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai and County Assemblies Forum chairperson Philemon Sabulei.

Members of County Assemblies (MCA) now say that salary increment is the least of their demands from the government.

They say that their main demand is fair treatment by the government as well as respecting their role as MCAs.

Speaking during an interview with Spice FM on Friday, June 23, chairman of the County Assemblies Forum Philemon Sabulei said that as MCAs they have pushed for better working environments and enough allocation of funds from the Salaries and Remuneration Committee but they have been ignored.

"We have engaged the SRC so many times and they do listen but do not implement anything. Their behaviour defeats logic," said Sabulei.

"The reason why they are reluctant in listening to the plea of MCAs is that people think that we are undeserving and we are our role in governing is not respected."

As part of their demands, Sabulei also said that the County Assembly should be allowed to control its own finances a move which will give it the independence it deserves.

He further stated that as MCAs they are not being ignorant of the current economic state but they want to be a priority when it comes to sharing the Sh80 million allocated to SRC for the review of salaries of state officers.

However, Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai who was also a guest in the interview said that it is hard to believe the country is in a financial crisis based on how the Kenya Kwanza government is managing its funds.

According to Alai, the government has to walk the talk.

"You cannot afford to increase the salary of the president and increase his convoy and say money is not there. If you have said there is no money, then be consistent with that. Stop saying there is no money and your actions prove otherwise," said Alai.

Earlier, the MCAs were very vocal on the issue of salary increments after their salary was reduced to Sh86,000 from Sh144,375.

The ward representatives demanded that their basic salary should be 49 per cent of that of the governors.

However, despite raising these concerns for months now, the government has been quiet on the matter.