New British High Commissioner to forge regional peace

Incoming British High Commissioner to Kenya Neil Wigan with Kibnyaanko Seroney during a meeting with Kenyans in London during the Kenya Preparation Week.

The incoming British High Commissioner to Kenya, Neil Wigan, who takes over from Jane Marriott next month, said that he was looking forward to working in Kenya.

Wigan said this in a London hotel to a couple of Kenyans during the Kenya preparation week.

"I think Kenya is active in the region to build peace and stability and we will work closely with Kenya on that. I have been an ambassador in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo and I understand and care about the issues there. I care about them and they are important to me too," he said.

Wigan is still the UK ambassador to Israel until the end of July.

"In Israel, I have worked on science, technology and free trade and all these are very relevant to our relationship with Kenya," he added, noting that diplomatic efforts on how to build security in the region are ongoing

Wigan met President William Ruto during his recent official visit to Israel and described the Head of State as a "nice president I am looking forward to working with".

Ms Diana Badia, a Kenya diaspora cultural ambassador, welcomed Wigan to Kenya.

"He is certainly an experienced and brave diplomat that would greatly enrich Kenya," said Ms Badia.