Inside Ndichu brothers' apology that melted the hearts of Murgor sisters

"As a consequence, the Murgor sisters have, effective today (Tuesday, December 6, 2022), withdrawn all their complaints against the Ndichu brothers."

In their attached apology, the Ndichu brothers said: "We Edward Wanyoike Ndichu and Paul Mwaura Ndichu, hereby issue our unequivocal apology to you, our sisters and brothers Cheryll Murgor, Stephanie Murgor, Samuel Ramdas and Patrick Koech for the unfortunate events that occurred on the night of 17th October 2021 at Mara Ole Sereni Hotel, which resulted in both injury to yourselves and damage to your property.

"We have since then taken time to introspect and self-reflect on the same and acknowledge that given our standing in society, much more was expected of us on how we handled the incident. The unfortunate experience has taught us invaluable lessons which will certainly guide us going forward. We do wish to assure you all and Kenyans at large that we shall not engage in, or contribute in any way to such incidents in future as we endeavor to do better, as sons, brothers and parents.

"Once again, kindly do accept our sincere apologies."

Senior Counsel Philip Murgor said Kibera Chief Magistrate's Court has since closed the file