Drama as officer manning bank losses his cool over stolen phone

Administration Police Constable Kevin Otieno Yalo for causing a disturbance over a lost mobile phone. [iStockphoto]

A police officer guarding a bank in Nakuru has been arrested for causing a disturbance over a lost mobile phone.

Administration Police Constable Kevin Otieno Yalo was arrested on Friday evening while on duty at Cooperative Bank's Nakuru East Branch.

A statement from the police said APC Yako entered the banking hall when they had already closed the doors and announced that his phone had been stolen.

"He claimed that he had lost his mobile phone and created the disturbance in the banking hall by causing commotion and threatened bank staff and his colleague while armed with a G3 rifle," the police said.

The statement further read that the officer attached to the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) accused the staff and his college of having taken the phone.

"The matter was reported to CIPU Commander Nakuru East. The officer was arrested and escorted to Nakuru police Station and detained in custody for professional misconduct. The case is being handled administratively by the CIPU for Disciplinary action," the police stated.

In a video circulating on social media, the officer is seen randomly walking around the banking hall using the F-word demanding the device from those on his way.

At one point, the APC approaches a teller from the other side of the counter and strews some of the stationery to the floor.

He then picks up a mobile phone believed to belong to his colleague and attempts to call his number but seems not to succeed.

The officer attempts to crash the device on the counter but does not succeed as his colleague collects it.

"Give me my (f****) phone. Am telling this man to....give me my phone!" he shouts.

Yako then removes his beret and throws it to the floor twice before kicking it to one of the corners.

The incident comes at a time when cases of stress and depression among police officers, some ending tragically, are on the rise.