Rigathi Gachagua says new Cabinet will end insecurity in Kerio

"Give us two to three weeks to have Cabinet and principal secretaries for Interior who know what they are doing. We shall deal with Kerio Valley insecurity decisively," said Gachagua.

He vowed to take up the role of guiding and resolving security issues saying that President Ruto will be handling matters of the economy and development.

"Stealing of livestock is not something to involve the president in. Leave that to me. I shall sit down with you and your people. Where there is need for police reservists we shall deploy," he said.

The DP added that the new administration would reverse some of the policies among them the moratorium on shamba system within government forests to address food shortage.

"Give us two to three weeks so that we can appoint Cabinet secretaries who know what they are doing. It doesn't make sense to stop the shamba system and then cry as we import food," said Gachagua.

He said there is no need to prevent people from farming in the forest. "The government belongs to you. We have issued orders for people to be allowed to farm in the forest. We will have a plan to allow farming in the forest without destroying trees," he said.

He said that more subsidised fertiliser was on the way and would make agriculture economically viable and reduce the cost of food production. "Two ships with fertiliser have docked in Mombasa. This is the best strategy to address our woes. Subsidising consumption is not the same as subsidising production," he said.

During the funeral, relatives and leaders continued to pile pressure on Baringo Governor Benjamin Cheboi to support the late deputy governor's family by getting a replacement among his relatives.

"I urge Governor Cheboi not to let down this family. It has always happened after a person is buried. Stand with this family. They supported you," said Gachagua.

Kipng'ok died at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on September 14 after developing breathing complications while waiting to board a flight to Mombasa.

The family said Kipng'ok was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension in 2006.