ODM leaders: Raila pumping up muscles in Malindi after surgery

ODM leader Raila has hit the gym after returning from his Dubai medical trip two weeks ago. [Courtesy]

ODM leader Raila Odinga is working out in a secluded place in Malindi after jetting back in the country two weeks ago following minor surgery in a Dubai hospital.

Speaking in Alego Usonga on Friday when they toured development projects in the area, Raila’s elder brother Oburu Oginga and area MP Samuel Atandi dismissed reports on his health condition, saying the ODM leader has hit the gym running and will soon be back to help President Uhuru Kenyatta run the country.

“I hear some people say that Raila is sick, they are mistaken, he is very healthy and currently in some gym in Malindi working out and will soon be back with vigour,” said Oburu.

Raila was flown back to Nairobi aboard a luxurious Airbus A318 owned and operated by United Arab Emirates-based Constellation Aviation Services.

Since his quiet return, Raila has not been seen in public with some unconfirmed reports indicating that he is still unwell.

Oburu and Atandi have, however, said the ODM leader is as fit as a fiddle and that he only needed time to rest before coming back stronger.

Atandi said Raila will soon return to spearhead the final phase of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), saying it is through the BBI that ODM as a party will get power.

“Baba is warming up and will soon come back to lead the BBI process with his friend President Uhuru,” the outspoken ODM MP said.

He said the recent changes that were made in National Assembly committees’ leadership was a clear indication that the BBI process was in the right path.

The EALA MP said ODM is solidly behind President Uhuru and the handshake, saying it is through the friendship between Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta that the country will get transformative leadership come 2022.

Atandi laughed off Handshake opponents, saying it is here to stay and will be there even after the 2022 election.

“We want to tell the naysayers that we are in Handshake from morning to evening and Uhuru-Raila friendship is permanent,” said Atandi.

He told the region to support the two leaders to realise unity and inclusivity that they have been yearning for in the past.

“It is through the Handshake that our people will be in government now and after the 2022 polls. So don’t be worried, we are in the right place.”

Raila was last seen in a public function on June 19 when he received a donation of foodstuff from officials of the East African Ramgarhia Board’s Youth Association at their offices in Pangani, Nirobi before jetting out for the surgery.

Senate seat

Atandi said Oburu is the best bet for the Senate come 2022 polls, adding that he boasts of a wealth of experience to represent Siaya in the Senate.

“Oburu is a seasoned lawmaker and even in Arusha where he is now, his track record and leadership skills are being seen. In 2022, we want him to take that experience and knowledge in the Senate.”

Former Alego Usonga ODM chairman Odhiambo Faja endorsed the former Bondo MP for the Senate seat.

“We supported you last time, but things did not go well, this time round we must succeed,” said Faja.