Three people killed in road accident along Nairobi-Nakuru highway

Three family members died on the spot and four others were left fighting for their lives following a grisly road accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The Saturday night accident near Marula farm in Naivasha occurred after a trailer smashed into the rear of the personal car ferrying the family members from Nakuru to Nairobi.

In turn, the personal car rammed into the rear of another trailer ahead of it killing two women and the six-year-old boy.

Following the accident transport along the busy road was temporarily paralyzed before police moved in to tow away the wrecks and retrieve the bodies from the wreck.

According to a driver Moses Mwangi, the driver of the last trailer was to blame for the accident after he hit the private car from the rear.

He said that following the impact, the car was squeezed between the two trailers killing the three and seriously injuring the other four.

“The driver of the last trailer claims that his brakes failed and in the result, the personal car was squeezed between the two trailers killing the three,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident adding that the four injured had been admitted to Naivasha sub-county hospital in serious but stable condition.

He said that the driver of the two trucks had recorded statements after the accident as part of their investigations.

“Initial investigations point to the driver of the last trailer for the accident which claimed three lives and he shall be charged in court once investigations are through,” he said.

The accident occurred near the same spot where six family members died two weeks after their personal car was hit by a trailer.

The car was hit by a trailer from behind forcing the driver to lose control and in the process, it was hit by another incoming trailer killing the six.

Meanwhile, two youths who were illegally fishing in Lake Naivasha drowned in unclear circumstances while running away from patrol officers.

During the Sunday morning incident, two others miraculously escaped after swimming for over 200m to escape from the officers.

A witness who declined to be named said that the four were caught by the patrol team fishing illegally and they decided to flee rather than get arrested.

“They decided to jump from the boat and in the process two drowned while the other two managed to swim to the shores of the lake,” he said.