Man on breathing machine after being conned Sh47,000

Awadh Hamadi, 28, on breathing machine after being conned. [Photo Courtesy]

Awadh Hamadi, 28, is currently breathing with the aid of a machine in Tanzania after suffering high blood pressure thanks to conmen who defrauded him Sh47000.

A Public relations officer Neema Mwangolo of Muhimbili National Hospital confirmed Awadh was admitted on October 2 when he experienced breathing complications.

“I have been admitted for 10 days now, I experienced high blood pressure and my heart was beating at a very slow rate after I realized I have been conned,” said Awadh.

According to a Tanzanian local daily, Awadh contacted two delegates of Kipawa Ward to assist him to purchase a motorbike worth 10.5 million Tanzanian shillings which is equivalent to Sh47, 000.

 “I trusted him because I went through a local government office at Kipawa where I handed over the money with two area delegates being witnesses,” said Awadh.

However, Kipawa Ward executive Rukia Masenza said that her office is not aware of the matter and the area government delegate alleged to have received the cash was unavailable for a comment.

But one of the delegates identified as Habiba, who witnessed the payment said that she was aware of the matter and it is being sorted out.

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“Awadh called me and said he has been admitted but for now I am not in the office. Although the ownership of the Bodaboda is yet to be transferred to his name,” Habiba told the local daily.

Awadh, however, disputed the claims laying bare the three weeks of incommunicado despite clearing the bill that also included the Tanzanian Revenue Authority fee.

“This is fraud because they said I will have the motorbike in two days but it is now three weeks and I still haven’t seen it,” said Awadh.

Awadh said that he got the money through contributions from good Samaritans and resorted to starting a bodaboda business so that he can earn a living.

“They told me they know a wealthy guy who can help me out and they brought him and I filled in some forms,” said Awadh.

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