Woman kills her two children

Police are looking for a woman suspected to have killed her two children in Kabolebo village in Tinderet.

The bodies of the two children were yesterday found in a pit latrine. 

The 31-year-old woman is suspected to have chopped her two children to pieces on Tuesday before dumping their bodies in the family pit latrine.

Ivy Chelang’at, 11, was in Class Five at Kabolebo Primary School, while Berly Chepchumba, Seven, was a Class One.

The suspect is believed to have committed the act in a bedroom she shared with the children in her aunt’s home. She had been living there for the past 11 years. Her whereabouts were not known by the time of going to press yesterday.

The woman's family members and neighbours found the bodies of the children in the latrine on Wednesday evening.

The suspect’s aunt, Rebecca Mutai, 49, and her husband Simon Mutai, 52, told The Standard they were not home the day the woman is suspected to have killed the children.

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Child was sick

“That morning she told me the seven-year-old child was sick and could not go to school. I advised her to bring the child to hospital. The 11-year-old went to school as usual,” she said.

Mrs Mutai said on returning home that evening the suspect and her two children were missing.  Her personal effects were also missing. The family concluded that she had packed her bags and left with her children.

The suspect had disappeared from the home last month to cohabit with a man in Eldoret who had promised to marry her.

Area Assistant Chief Joseph Koech and police officers from Songhor Police Station retrieved the bodies from the toilet. “We are saddened by this incident, it is the first of its kind in our otherwise peaceful village,” said Mr Koech.

A report at Songhor police station indicated that police had started investigations into the incident.

Blood stains were found in the bedroom, where the children were suspected to have been murdered.

Police said it appeared the murderer tried to clean up the room where the children were killed. Blood stains were found on a bench, wall and shoes in the room.

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