Has Nema lived to its billing as justification for its existence?

Has Nema lived to its billing as justification for its existence?
Nema’s work is not easy,  given its scope. In so far as I can see, Nema has given its best. This best, however, might be sullied by lack of support from other government agencies, poor funding and inadequate staffing in offices across the country.

The plastic ban by Nema in 2017 has been effective although I must admit it is not one hundred percent successful. Supermarkets and small scale traders no longer use plastic bags, thanks to Nema. Today, noise pollution levels are markedly lower, and that is because Nema has been instrumental in ensuring that the rules relating to acceptable levels of noise are followed. Largely, even entertainment joints that did not care about disturbing their neighborhoods nowadays conform to rules.

There are those who may pick on the state of the Nairobi River to lambast Nema, but this would be unfair. If the Government does not honour its end of the bargain, it will be difficult for Nema to convince the public it is doing its work.

The Government must act to move people who stay along the river banks elsewhere. These informal settlements without basic amenities like toilets and regulated waste disposal mechanism will always ensure Nairobi River is dirty despite everything that Nema does.

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Further, the public cannot blame Nema when it breaks every rule in the book to thwart the good work undertaken by Nema. Cartels run by very powerful individuals in government eager to make the quick buck will always try to frustrate Nema, but Nema is committed.

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